Pittsburgh’s Best Food Truck

Ah, the Steel City. Home to Heinz, Primanti Bros. and, sadly, the Steelers. Pittsburgh may be almost 500 miles away from coastal Virginia, but we can find some of the ‘Burgh’s local favorites at Pittsburgh’s Best Food Truck.

I walked up to the food truck, on my weekly Food Truck Friday, and was immediately blinded by the sight of a Terrible Towel. Despite that atrocity, I began looking at the menu.


The Pittsburgh-themed food truck has a decent number of offerings, all made-to-order. My eyes widened as I saw a familiar sight. Despite my distaste for Pittsburgh’s NFL team, I have nothing but respect for their cuisine, especially Primanti Bros. My parents, who once called Pittsburgh home, have taken me to visit the Steel City several times, and no trip is complete without grabbing a sandwich from the notable restaurant.

Pittsburgh’s Best’s Steel City sandwich is an homage to Primanti Bros. signature “Almost Famous” sandwich. Much like Primanti Bros. Pittsburgh’s Best’s sandwich features coleslaw, tomato and French fries piled high on Italian bread. Since corned beef wasn’t an option, I ordered the Steel City sandwich with roast beef.

While the thinly-sliced roast beef was a little drier than I anticipated, it was saved by the thick slice of tomato and tangy coleslaw. The resemblance, both taste wise and visually, to Primanti Bros. was uncanny. Each bite sent me back to the crowded Primanti Bros. location in Pittsburgh’s Strip District. Instead of begging my dad not to yell “go Ravens” until after we received our food, I was resting comfortably in my office chair in Virginia Beach. Warning: this sandwich WILL fill you up.

Other menu favorites include pierogi, the Pitts-Burgher, Hot Sausage Peppers and Onions and the Pittsburgh Salad topped with fries.