Capt’n Crabby Pop Up at The Boardroom in Virginia Beach

After getting my first taste of the Capt’n Crabby food truck a few weeks ago, I knew I needed to go back for more. Sensing my desire, Facebook recommended I attend a Capt’n Crabby Pop Up at The Boardroom, located in the General Booth area of Virginia Beach. I patiently waited to get off work before heading straight there to indulge in Maryland-style fare.

The Boardroom, which opened earlier this year, specializes in locally-sourced food and drinks. A name like “The Boardroom” brings to mind a place where business-minded individuals discuss mergers. However, the interior is far more laid back and comfortable. In the center of the room, long picnic-style tables provide communal seating. The Boardroom is a casual setting, perfect for a group of friends to gather for a delicious Virginia-dining experience.

I took a set at a bar stool so I’d have a front-row look to any food prep and plating. The smell of Old Bay constantly flowed by my nose as I watched the cook toss fries and wings in the seasoning.

Upon sitting down, I was immediately greeted by Capt’n Crabby’s owner and The Boardroom’s general manager, MJ Medlar. I ordered a local libation – a glass of Lake Anna Winery’s Sunset Blush – and flipped through the pages of the menu.


I skipped my 3 p.m. snack so I’d be ready to grub during dinner. I started with the crab pretzel. As I waited for the pipping hot crab dip to cool, I felt a sense of nostalgia. It occurred to me that I haven’t seen a crab pretzel on any menus since moving to Virginia Beach. In contrast, they are a staple back home and a featured appetizer on almost every menu that serves seafood.

Capt’n Crabby’s pretzel transported me home. The soft Bavarian pretzel managed to withstand the generous serving of creamy crab dip without getting soggy.

As I began to slouch from onset fullness (that crab pretzel is definitely a shared dish), I knew I had to power through as I decided my entrée. While the Baltimore Pit Beef and Open-Faced Ribeye Sammie caught my attention, I couldn’t pass up their famous crab cake sandwiches.


After deliberating between all seven crab cake sandwich options, I decided to order the We Be Jammin. Made with tomato jam, this sandwich also features arugula, Virginia bacon and fresh mozzarella.

I made a special effort to savor the moist lump crab cake by itself before diving into the whole sandwich. The herb smoked tomato jam was less intense than a marinara so it didn’t over power the flavors from the sweet crab cake. I’ll pretty much put bacon on anything so I loved the smoky taste it added. The sandwich was served on a potato roll that practically melts in your mouth.

Following the directions of the Facebook event page to wear Ravens, Orioles or Maryland Terps attire, I came dressed in my Baltimore Birds shirt. In return, Medlar brought out a special Baltimore treat. To most, a peppermint stick in a lemon might seem odd. As soon as I saw it, I was reminded of my grade school Fall Fests. This is a simple and refreshing sweet that would keep us kids occupied trying to drink the lemon juice from the melting peppermint stick. For those unfamiliar with this tradition, check out this article from Baltimore Magazine.

This pop-up event at The Boardroom provided the perfect opportunity for me to satiate myself with Capt’n Crabby’s delectable dishes in a laid-back atmosphere. I’ll definitely return for another one of The Boardroom’s pop ups.

From left to right: Crab Dip, Baltimore Pit Beef and We Be Jammin

From left to right: Crab Dip, Baltimore Pit Beef and We Be Jammin