Dish of the Week: Hella Fitzgerald from Handsome Biscuit in Norfolk

Never underestimate the power of a sweet potato biscuit sandwich. That's what I learned after finally trying Norfolk's famous Handsome Biscuit.

I arrived to the second location on Monarch Way, near the Old Dominion University campus, and was mildly overwhelmed by all the tantalizing options. From simple sandwiches like bacon, egg and cheese, to more daring selections like the Bleu Blazer, consisting of fried chicken, spicy pickled red cabbage and blue cheese dressing. All sandwiches are served on their signature sweet potato biscuits.

Earlier that day, I caught a glimpse of the Mr. Close Love. A thick cut of roasted pork shoulder, topped with cucumber and sweet hot mustard. But, after browsing a bit more through Instagram, I knew I couldn't pass up the Hella Fitzgerald.

One of the most Instagram'd biscuits that they sever, the Hella Fitzgerald pairs a piece of fresh fried chicken with bacon and cheddar cheese, then slathers the sandwich in sausage gravy.


My biscuit was brought to my table and I couldn't wait to jump right in. In a total rookie move, I didn't think to grab napkins, a fork and a knife. I went in hands first and immediately regretted it. The chicken was piping hot. Despite being a fast-casual restaurant, the quality and preparation is top notch. I tried to be patient but my hunger won.

I bit into the soft sweet potato biscuit and got my first real taste of the crispy skin and moist, tender chicken breast. After a few bites, the gravy started to wear down on the sandwich. With my fingers covered in the peppery gravy, I finally caved and grabbed some utensils and plenty of napkins.

I was concerned that the biscuit sandwich would not fill me up, but this far from some McBiscuit sandwich. Handsome Biscuit has a number of options that not only pack a flavor punch, but will also keep you full until dinner time. Stay tuned because I will return for you, Mr. Close Love.

Handsome Biscuit has two locations in Norfolk at 2511 Colonial Ave. and 4200 Monarch Way.