The Cravings Queen’s New Orleans Getaway

“I just want to eat and drink in the streets.”

That’s what I told my friends as we planned our trip to New Orleans earlier this year. We spent the months leading up to our June trip looking up exciting restaurants and adding them to a very extensive collection on Yelp. When our vacation finally arrived, we were overwhelmed by all of the options New Orleans offered when it came to dining.

During the four days I spent in New Orleans, mainly in the French Quarter, my friends, Katie and Elyse, and I indulged in as many of the city’s quintessential dishes as possible. In all of my extra-ness, I created an entire travel guide highlighting New Orleans’ signature foods and drinks, as well as places to see and things to do. The culmination was a trip full of savory foods, cold drinks and miles of walking.

Jackson Square.jpg

Cajun vs. Creole

Before we begin, lets discuss the difference between Cajun and Creole. As a non-native, I tend to use the two interchangeably. I quickly learned that to Louisianans there is a difference.

The best way I’ve had it explained is that Cajun refers to the country, while Creole is the city. Historically, Creole people are descendants of French colonial settlers in New Orleans, which later expanded to black people as well.

When it comes to dining, both Cajun and Creole have French influences. Creole ingredients, prepared in Colonial kitchens, come heavily from Africa, Europe and the Caribbean. Cajun ingredients stem from more southern roots, after French colonists moved from Canada to southern Louisiana.

Both Creole and Cajun food use similar flavors and ingredients that blend seamlessly in today’s New Orleans dining scene. Although there is still a separation between Cajun tomato-less gumbo and Creole gumbo that does use tomatoes.

New Orleans Restaurants

Every single bite I had in New Orleans left a mouthwatering imprint in my mind. I’ve been back in Virginia for a week, but all I can think about are the perfectly fried, succulent, spicy and buttery dishes that more than pleased my eager palate.

Read more about all the restaurants and experiences I had in New Orleans, then share your own with me in the comments. Click below to read each post (blog posts in order of last day to first).


I usually don’t write about my accommodations, but I wanted to share how amazing everyone at the Maison Dupuy Hotel was. We got off to a rocky start when the front desk had the wrong reservation initially. After an apology and some complimentary drink tickets, all was forgiven, and the rest of our stay was fantastic (minus the guy next door violently throwing up at 3 a.m. Yeah, Kyle. I’m talking to you).


Our central location within the French Quarter kept us close to our cemetery tour, Bourbon Street, plenty of restaurants and Lyfts. We enjoyed the convenience of the Quarter without the 24-hour hustle and bustle. If you decide to stay here, spring for the balcony street view or a view of the courtyard and pool.

It was also incredibly convenient to order room service from the on-site restaurant some nights. Bistreaux’s menu is perfect for ordering bites to share while sipping on a glass of wine from the friendly bartender.