Java Surf Cafe & Espresso Bar: 2018 Virginia Beach Restaurant Week

Ah, breakfast. My favorite meal of the day. My parents can attest that I can be very mean in the morning when I haven’t eaten my breakfast. I will show up late for work just so I can have something to eat before I dive into my emails.

For the first time, the Virginia Beach Restaurant Association introduced breakfast specials to restaurant week. The option of a $5 or $10 breakfast inspired me to wake up a little earlier, on Thursday, February 22, so I could get my breakfast on.

I drove down the road to Java Surf Café & Espresso Bar, at the Oceanfront’s ViBe District. I used to frequent the Java Surf at La Promenade. Sadly, that conveniently location closed, but having another one close by was a huge relief.

Java Surf's Hot Mess Scramble

Java Surf's Hot Mess Scramble

I went with the $10 breakfast special. Java Surf offered a selection of their breakfast sandwiches along with a classic espresso beverage. Since I don’t drink coffee, I opted for a Chai Tea Latte, dusted with cinnamon.


Right after my tea arrived, I placed my food order. I couldn’t decide between the Spinach & Bacon Scramble and The Mediterranean. I went with The Mediterranean, a signature wrap on their menu, and my server let me know that was her favorite.


It didn’t take very long for the panini-pressed tortilla wrap to arrive. My first bite of the soft scrambled eggs, feta, tomatoes and spinach was still very hot, but I enjoyed it too much to stop chewing. On my second bite, I was met with the rich basil pesto. The pesto that managed to drip out of my wrap became like a dipping sauce on my plate. The vegetarian-friendly wrap was light and fresh. It filled me up without leaving me feeling stuffed and sluggish—a perfect meal to start my work day.

The ViBe District location had the same casual coziness that I was used to. It was a quiet morning, so I was pleasantly surprised to see owner Dwayne Appleton there. Diners don’t always get the chance to interact with restaurant owners, but it’s clear how much Appleton cares about Java Surf, its customers and the local community as a whole.