Dish of the Week: Bacon, Egg & Cheese Wafflewich from Baker’s Crust in Virginia Beach

You know those mornings when you wake up and need extra motivation to merely get out of bed? That was me on Sunday when I woke up to 44-degree weather outside. I wanted to stay in my apartment with a mug of hot apple cider and crawl into my Netflix cave. However, as soon as I opened my barren refrigerator, I realized that I had some errands to run before I start the week. I bribed myself with the idea of a relaxing Sunday brunch before hitting the grocery store. Of course food was all the motivation I needed to get dressed and out the door.

With the cold weather, I didn’t want to stray far from Virginia Beach so I headed right down the road to Baker’s Crust. The cozy dining room and low lighting were just what I was looking for.

As I browsed the breakfast menu, I went back and forth between ordering the Jamaican French Toast and the Bacon, Egg & Cheese Wafflewich. My desire for sweet and savory made the final decision as I landed on the Wafflewich.


Three eggs topped with melted cheddar cheese and applewood smoked bacon are sandwiched between two thick, fluffy waffles. The sandwich is served in halves making it much easier to eat. I went right in with my hands and dunked the sandwich in the warm maple syrup. The syrup wasn’t too thick but coated the waffle nicely to give the dish a welcomed sweetness. Since the eggs weren’t scrambled (they were cooked and folded like an omelet), there was less spillage making it easier to get corners of the sandwich in the syrup.

When it came to the parts of the sandwich that were too big for the syrup container, I added in a few of Baker’s Crust’s wonderfully seasoned home fries to the mix. I popped a few under the eggs for a delicious new texture and flavor experience.


The sandwich may look small in size but once you finish it and the heap of home fries, you’ll be satisfied for the rest of the day. After running my errands, I situated myself on the couch and wasn’t hungry again until the late evening.

If you love a breakfast sandwich but are looking for something other than the typical toast or bagel base, indulge yourself with Baker’s Crust’s Wafflewich.

Baker’s Crust has several locations in coastal Virginia and Richmond. Baker’s Crust Virginia Beach is located at 704 Hilltop North Shopping Center.