Dish of the Week: A Very Large Griddled Hot Dog from DoG Street Pub in Williamsburg

Disclaimer: While I ate this hot dog a few weeks ago, I wanted to introduce my new weekly blog post highlighting my favorite “Dish of the Week.” These posts will be shorter than normal and focus one specific dish.

I hate driving. I hate driving so much that the mere thought of having to get on I-264 exhausts me. So, when I found out that I had to go to Williamsburg, there was a slight feeling of dread.

The afternoon started out incredibly rainy, and I knew that traffic through the HRBT and up I-64 would be a nightmare. As I traveled past Norfolk, the rain slowed and the clouds opened to allow the sun to shine through. Traffic was smooth and that feeling of dread vanished.

Since the weather did a complete 180°, I decided to treat myself to lunch. I had been thinking non-stop about a hot dog I saw in the Coastal Virginia Magazine Global Eats feature. Taking full advantage of my journey across the water, I headed to DoG Street Pub to satisfy my craving.

Merchants Square in Williamsburg reminds me so much of Athens, Ohio. Walking the brick streets past the quaint shops and restaurants made me feel at home (or should I say hOUme). I walked into DoG Street, took a seat at the lengthy bar and perused the drink menu.

There were several local and regional beers on tap, but I decided to go with one of the brews that was on special. Trapezium Brewing Co.’s Lucky 75 has some of my favorite flavors: lemon, honey and ginger. This IPA is light and refreshing with a dry, crisp finish and a little spice from the ginger.

I placed my order for “A Very Large Griddled Hot Dog.” Seriously, that’s the exact name of the dish. It took no time for my food to come out. The hot dog, slightly smaller than my foreman, was topped with stout chili, onions and Tillamook cheddar cheese.


The smell of the chili hit my nose first and made me salivate. I couldn’t even wait for the dish to cool down. I decided to start with the end pieces that extended past the toasted bun. I spread some of the spicy Dijon mustard on the hot dog and took my first bite. This was the most flavorful chili cheese dog I’ve ever had. The stout used in the chili made it richer and brought out a savory beef flavor with a subtle sweetness.

At first, I thought Tillamook was some kind of fancy cheese, but it turns out that it’s just the brand. Made in Oregon, Tillamook prides themselves in making cheese with an unforgettable taste. They’ve made their cheddar cheese the same way for the last 108 years; a very fitting ingredient to use in historic Williamsburg.