Blue Cow Ice Cream in Virginia Beach

There are plenty of ways to beat the heat when the temperature hits above 90. Here in Virginia Beach, we’ve crept into triple-digit temps, which calls for something more than a cold beer on the beach. The city has seen several new ice cream shops pop up that are serving fantastic frozen treats. The newest to Virginia Beach’s ice cream scene is Blue Cow Ice Cream Co.

Based out of Roanoke, Virginia, Blue Cow caught my eye with its creative ice cream flavors. The artisanal ice cream shop opened a second location in Virginia Beach last month and, in that time, Blue Cow has quickly garnered a local following. Blue Cow uses an array of inventive ingredients to create their one-of-a-kind ice cream flavors.

I visited the shop’s Shore Drive location and treated myself to several samples before deciding which scoop I wanted. Among these innovative ice cream flavors are combinations such as: blueberry and goat cheese, strawberry and balsamic, and raspberry and sweet corn. While you may raise an eyebrow to mixtures, I highly advise that you try them first. I applaud whoever comes up with these flavors because, to state it simply, they just work. These unlikely combinations create a tantalizing flavor profile and blend seamlessly.

While I don’t typically like goat cheese, I was drawn in by the Goat Cheese and Blueberry Swirl flavor—a popular choice for those risk takers who visit Blue Cow. The goat cheese is melted down before being added to the ice cream, so it’s just subtle notes of the cheese’s tangy flavor. A scoop of this is almost reminiscent of a blueberry cheesecake.

For those who are looking for more familiar ice cream flavors, Blue Cow has those as well, all with a rich, creamy taste. Some of my favorites included the Banana Puddin’, made with homemade vanilla wafers, and the Three Ships Coffee with Chocolate Chips, made with coffee from the local roaster.

Each season welcomes a new selection of flavors. Summer has featured the Key Lime Pie and Sweet Corn with Black Raspberry Swirl flavors. I got an inside scoop on some of the flavors for fall, and they are certainly as creative and buzzworthy as the summer flavors.

In addition to ice cream, Blue Cow also offers more frozen confections, including shakes and floats. Blue Cow’s waffle cones and many of the add-ins to the ice cream are made fresh and in-house.

While there’s never a bad day for ice cream, be sure to visit Blue Cow on Sunday, July 21 which is National Ice Cream Day. Blue Cow Virginia Beach will donate $1 of every sale to Save the Bay as part of the third-annual Cones for a Cause.

Blue Cow Ice Cream is located at 2817 Shore Drive, Virginia Beach.