The Bagel Baker in Virginia Beach

bb outside

bb outside

There are a few things that I believe are essential to living a happy life. Good friends, loving family and mouth watering bagels. When I moved to Virginia Beach, I was afraid that I would never find a bagel place that made me as happy as Bagel Street Deli in Athens, Ohio or Brooklyn Water Bagel Co. I would spend most of my free time googling the best bagels in the area. I would analyze the salt to seed ratio on an everything bagel. I hit the motherlode when I found The Bagel Baker.

Located in the Great Neck area of Virginia Beach, The Bagel Baker claims their bagels are so authentic that they ship them to New York.

I went to college with a New Yorker and a girl from New Jersey (who acted like she was from New York) who were bagel enthusiasts. They turned their noses up at anything that wasn't straight from Manhattan, Brooklyn or Queens. I would dare to put a Bagel Baker bagel up against one of their fabulous NYC bagels.

My go-to bagel is a bacon, egg and cheddar cheese on an everything bagel. I know, it's super basic. But on a hungover Saturday morning, that bagel and a bottle of water is all I need in life.

Recently, I went out of my comfort zone and tried one of their signature breakfast sandwiches, the Astoria Greek.

Astoria Greek on everything

This bagelomelette has spinach, onion, tomato and feta cheese. I practically inhaled it. I had to slow down to take a picture of it (so please excuse the bite mark).

Even though they offer almost 20 breakfast options, which they serve all day, their menu also features: deli bagel sandwiches, signature lunch bagel sandwiches, soups, salads and coffee.


So whether you're starting your day or hungry for lunch, The Bagel Baker can satisfy all of your bagel needs.