All I Want for Christmas is a Steak

I asked my parents for three things this Christmas. 1. A Crock-Pot 2. A hand mixer 3. A steak dinner.

I have been fortunate this past year, so nothing is better than eating one of my favorite meal with some of my favorite people. If you don't know me, you should know that I spend an absurd amount of time with my parents. I'm cool with it.

My mom, who is not a huge fan of red meat, went out of town. That left an opening for my dad and I to enjoy a steak dinner together. However, we're so similar that we rarely want to leave the house unless we have to. After unsuccessfully searching for a Patti LaBelle pie at Walmart, my dad suggested that we go to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. I was tragically under dressed. When you think Ruth's Chris (RC), you certainly don't think to show up in a VS Pink sweatshirt and leggings. Despite my fashion fail, we went to RC.

We ate early. Not "early bird special/this is borderline lunch" early, but 5:30 p.m. That's really early for my family who typically eats at 8 p.m. I hadn't eaten since breakfast (and my after breakfast snack) so the thought of tackling a giant steak excited me and my stomach.

We started with two appetizers. I love seafood stuffed mushrooms so I couldn't pass up RC's mushrooms stuffed with crabmeat. What I love about RC's mushrooms is how big they are. This is not a one-bite mushroom with a dab of crabmeat. My dad's biggest complaint with stuffed mushrooms at other restaurants is that they sit in too much liquid. He had no complaints this time. He said the crab was moist, with a perfect texture, without making the entire appetizer wet.

In an effort to try something new, we also ordered the spicy lobster bites. Imagine Bang Bang Shrimp from Bonefish Grill, but 10x better. Pieces of lightly fried lobster coated in a tangy sauce with a kick. Initially, I was hesitant about fried lobster. Lobster is so perfect on its own, why fry it? Thank goodness it wasn't fried like something at a state fair. You get all of the flavors of the sauce, and a slight crunch, without losing the lobster. If the spice is too much for you, RC adds a salad with cucumbers, red peppers and onions that has been tossed in a vinaigrette.

RC wastes no time getting your food out. I had just enough time to finish savoring the appetizers before I heard my entree sizzling from around the corner.

My dad and I were both deciding between the T-bone and the cowboy ribeye. I ended up getting the 22-ounce bone-in cowboy ribeye and my dad got the 24-ounce T-bone.

I play a game with myself whenever I eat a steak, especially a steak from RC. You can see the steak juices bubbling on the plate, but the cut of meat just looks so good that you immediately want to dive in despite the steam coming off.

While I waited for my steak to cool, I nibbled on our side dishes. RC has several options but I always go for either the creamed spinach, potatoes au gratin or the garlic roasted mashed potatoes.

Unfortunately, the bread, appetizers and sides took over my stomach when I was barely halfway through my steak. Once our server saw the impending food coma, she brought over boxes. On the plus side, I was able to enjoy the rest of my ribeye from the comfort of my own home the next morning.* Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to me! 

*When I say that, I mean that I eat the meat straight off the bone like a complete neanderthal. My house is a judgement free zone.